Thursday, 5 February 2015

The AI revolution road

Have you wondered why the likes of Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates have gone on record lately to state what a huge threat AI is to our species? If  it sounds like they've all gone a bit David Icke, Tim Urban's article on "Wait But Why?" is a fascinating, enlightening, chilling explanation of why Hawking and Gates are in fact completely sane.

He tells us it's not because Sky Net might nuke us and we'll end up in a bitter struggle with legions of Arnie clones. It's much more mundane. We will be wiped out dispassionately by an AI that became super intelligent (an ASI) learning to write, and because nobody told it that human life was more important than good handwriting.

Of course, the other alternative is that an ASI emerges that can solve all known human challenges - literally all known challenges - and human beings become immortal. Those are the two most likely proposed outcomes of  ASI, and nobody can know which will occur. Either way, the fork in the road lies just decades away. Happy New Year!

Immortality or Extinction

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