Thursday, 13 January 2011

Different SPIN

"How is it possible, I ask myself, that ordinary people who are courteous and decent in everyday life could act callously, inhumanely, without any limitations of conscience." - Stanley Milligram

"You can call it liberalism. You can call it empowerment. You can call it freedom. You can call it responsibility.
"[...] It’s about liberation –the biggest, most dramatic redistribution of power from elites in Whitehall to the man and woman on the street.
"[...] This means a whole new approach to government and governing.
For a long time the way government has worked – top-down, top-heavy, controlling – has frequently had the effect of sapping responsibility, local innovation and civic action.
It has turned many motivated public sector workers into disillusioned, weary puppets of government targets.
It has turned able, capable individuals into passive recipients of state help with little hope for a better future.
It has turned lively communities into dull, soulless clones of one another.
"[...] The success of [RedTown] will depend on the daily decisions of millions of people[...]…to what Phil Redmond has called the ‘nano’ level…
…to communities, to neighbourhoods and individuals.
"[...] This is a big advance for people power." - David Cameron
"Socialism needs democracy like the human body needs oxygen." - Leon Trotsky

"The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter." - Sir Winston Churchill

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