Friday, 13 November 2009

Foggy notions #12


  1. Hi.

    This will probably be one of the dullest comments/questions/requests you will ever receive an I apologise in advance.

    I'm a media teacher and my students are required to research the production practises of a film and I'd like them to use you as their group. As you've got your blog up showing the research you've been carrying out for you could you possibly write a little bit about how you go about getting your projects off the ground and all the dull stuff that goes on behind the scenes like financing etc.

    In the unlikely event you want to see what our AS/A2 Media students are up to then here is a link to one of their blogs


    Mr Smith

  2. Oh and you probably already know this (because Chris Cunningham is attempting to turn it into a film) but Neuromancer by William Gibson is worth a read.